Thursday, December 12, 2013

The universe.

I'm absolutely fascinated by the universe.

Here we are, humans, every day learning more and more about this place. It's incredible that we can know that we exist on a planet that is circling around in a solar system. That other solar systems exist, even other galaxies. Science every day seems to be uncovering something magnificent about this place. Yet even more questions remain. Why are we here? Why does the universe exist? Does other life out there exist?

We are like children left to ourselves in a giant building. We could dedicate our entire existence to working together to uncover all there is to know. Instead we are fight amongst eachother and are being selfish, just like children. If we decided to all work as a team, team humanity, we could achieve so much. Instead we steal from eachother, kill eachother, and care only about self rather than the group. We come from animals, but we are no longer animals. We must fight what animalistic tendencies we still have, and embrace what makes us humans. Embrace what separates us from the animals we once were.

Altruism. Love.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ghost and the Super Pals [Part ? Rough Draft]


Something happened. No one knows what, but for some reason a small percentage of the human race gained super powers. Some say it was an act of god, others swear it was aliens. A few think it is mankind's next evolutionary step, but who the fuck would believe that? I mean seriously, evolution is to get a bigger brain, to walk on two legs. Never heard of any animal evolving to shoot lasers out of its eyes. Read a book people.

Anyways, my name is Ghost. People call me that because I can become ..phased out, like non-physical. Also, I can sort of float around. As such when people see me do this, they are prone to yell out "Ghost!" so I guess I took the name just so I can pretend everyone knows me. I also get called demon, the chupamecabre, peeping tom, etc but I'm not going to call myself that.

Anyways, the whole event happened and now a lot of people have some powers. Nothing like shooting lasers out of their eyes, that's just ridiculous. Still pretty strange stuff. No big flash, no crazy thing going on, just poof, people wake up with powers. Fairly anti climatic. Afterwards, humanity reacted to it as they would with anything else. It became a political issue to be debated on, and another us versus them mentality sprung about.

Still, this is the 21st century, so no pitchforks and torches were raised. There was a lot of debate if they were to mandate that we register our powers. Just like you need a licence to drive, fish, and get a gun, we would be required to get a licence to have powers. Most of us however were pretty opposed to it, and there was lots of support for us from the LTBG community. They were experienced with how it feels to be prosecuted and hated, so they really had our backs. We were the next BLTG.

Anyways, so an amount of people had super powers. What they did with them is about as unique as they are. Some joined the police force or armed forces to help serve their country the official way. However considering the popularity of super heroes in our culture, most went the vigilante route with varying degrees of success. Some didn't really appreciate the change, they wanted to just ignore their powers and just resume their normal life. This was harder for some than others.


Phil Chapter 1
Phil was a thirty year old divorced accountant. He tried to live as normal and routine a life as possible. He enjoyed boring, he treasured monotonous. As such, it was to his disdain that he had been transformed into a giant furry monster. Phil woke up in the morning at 6:30 am as he had the day before, and the day before, and so on. Unlike all those other days however, this day his bed lay on the floor, his new weight having mercilessly ended the life of his bed frame.
Also unlike other days, his Star Wars pajamas were torn and stretched to their limits trying to fit a body they were never meant for. Yawning as he awoke, he briefly wondered about things. He wondered why his yawn sounded different, he wondered about the TPS reports today. He also wondered why his arms were large and...furry? That last thought snapped him out of his half-asleep like state and into a reality were his arms were indeed large and furry!
Jumping up out of bed he quickly stumbled to the bathroom, smacking his head right into the door frame and breaking a head-sized chunk of it off. He looked into the mirror. Where there would normally be a short, balding, overweight man, there was now a hulking seven foot tall monster covered in purple fur staring back at him. Terrified of his own sight, he shouted out a powerful monstrous howl where there once would have been a girlish scream.
Just as a truly amazing panic was forming, his coffee machine let out a long beeeep. The all-too familiar sound snapped him back to reality, as he realizes "I'm running behind schedule!". He grimaced as went to get his morning coffee, and turned on the news. Apparently some sort of thing had happened, and people had been experiencing changes. Change. That word triggered in him that regular feeling of dread.
Quickly finishing his coffee he goes to get ready for work. He dismisses the idea of trying to take a shower without a blow dryer, and instead heads off to his bedroom. Looking in his closet, he grimaced as he realized that none of his clothes would fit him. In the back Phil spots one of his wife's...rather ex-wife's..gowns. One she wore before she lost all that weight and realized she could do better. With no other alternative available, he hesitantly dons it.
Grabbing his stuff he walked out of the house and hurriedly closed the door, pulling the door knob right out of the door. He gave an impressed look at his grasp on the door knob, only to have the moment ruined by the creaking of his door as it careens to the ground. Walking to his car he could hear the screams from his neighbors. He tried to smile and wave at them, but from their point of view the monster was bearing its fangs and brandishing its claws threateningly. Realizing it was just making them more frightened, he went on his way.
Phil tried to phone in to his boss to let them know he would be late. Trying to carefully push the right buttons, he ended up jamming them deep into the device. Frustrated, he accidentally splintered the cell phone into bits, and got to his car. It was nothing fancy, just a dinky gas efficient car to get from point A to point B. He wasn't too sure how he would get to point B though, considering how small inside it was.
Moving the seat all the way back, he ducked down and tried to enter the car. Trying fit in he grimaced at the loud tearing sound. Poking his head through his new sun roof, he crammed the rest of himself in the vehicle. The car creaked and moaned as if it was in its death throes, and the bottom almost touched the ground. He was in though, and determined to get to work.
Starting her up, he drove to work, causing quite a stir amongst the traffic. Having some time to think to himself, he wondered just how long this..thing..would last. "I'll stop by work, ask for a sick day, then head to a doctor. Surely this isn't the weirdest thing they've dealt with. I'm sure they can fix this." he thought, trying to delude himself. He grimaced as he rolled into the parking lot, imagining how terse his boss would be with him.